Bali Tiger

Your Hideaway in Paradise

Bali Holiday Yoga Retreat

Recharge & Restore Your Equanimity

Oct 15-22, 2019

Operating in constant stress mode in today’s demanding world has become the new norm. Endless running around from chasing meetings, deadlines, driving kids to activities... Causing you to feel frazzled, overwhelmed and out of control.

Did you know stress suppresses the immune system? Speeds up the ageing process? Stress leaves you more vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. Stress can also upset digestive and reproductive systems, also increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Stress threatens not only your mental and physical health but also the sustainability of your job, family dynamic and relationships. Do you often notice in the background, the lingering feeling of constant unhappiness? Losing connection with other people and feeling detached from the world?

Return to your life feeling fantastic, ready to conquer the world.

In response to this crucial need, we've created this wonderful offering, designed especially for you. Escape for THE WHOLE WEEK from the busy and modern cities and retreat to an exotic, secluded location on the west coast of Bali.

We will get you to wind down from the day-to-day grind, unplug from all kind of technologies and regain your balance for the sake of your body and mental health. Don’t wait until it’s too late for your mind and body to pay the hefty price. Nurture yourself by giving your body and mind a chance to relax and rejuvenate. 

Take responsibility for your own health, inner-peace and happiness. It all starts with you, only YOU can take responsibility for your own life.

Make the time and effort to unwind, play and have fun! Only when you feel calm and balanced you will be less reactive to stress triggers. And you will able to make better and smart decisions, improving your work performance and creativity.


Daily Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation classes with 3 different qualified yoga teachers.

Combined together Kadek, Deb and Intan will have around 18 years of teaching experience and more than 1000 hours of training. 

Morning Yoga - gentle and flowing yoga practice focusing in the energy healing and stress release.

Morning Meditation - helps bringing awareness and mindfulness back and strengthens our sense-of-self.

Restorative Yoga - yoga practice designed to gently stretch the body and nurturing it.

Yoga Nidra/Relaxation - designed to guide the mind to enter the area where the brain can produce the conducive wavelength in order for it to calibrate and restore your equanimity.

Pranayama & Meditation Techniques to Take Home - we will also teach you simple yet effective dhyana (mindfulness / meditation) and pranayama (breathing) practices you can use and do yourself after you're back at home to keep your calm and cool in navigating your busy life.


Ritual Purification with a Balinese High Priest - learn Balinese Hinduism from the Pedanda, the High Priest, who have dedicated their lives to cultivating spiritual wisdom and guiding the spiritual development of their communities. They are involved in administering sacred rituals during special ceremonies. The Pedanda will lead you on a purification ritual and bless us with holy water. 

Meditate in Nature - explore the natural beauty of lush & magical tropical forest where you will get to meditate by the Mecegur Waterfall, followed by a swim in the cool and fresh water that flows directly from the mountain top.


Connection - this retreat is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other like-minded beings. As social beings, connecting with other people is an important part of healing our tired souls. Share your wonderful and memorable journey with your fellow travellers. This is a great opportunity to form friendships for life.

Learning How to Surf - surfing is a learned-skill, after two sessions of surf-coaching guaranteed you will be able to show it off your new skills to your friends, family and your in-laws! You're going to enjoy this activity and have so much fun, that's for sure.

Traditional Balinese Massage - designed to wash your stresses away allow us to pamper you with daily one-hour, full-body and deep-tissue holistic treatment using a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure and aromatherapy to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and prana (energy) around your body. Guaranteed to bring a sense of well-being, calm and deep relaxation. 

Sugar Talk - Do you want to know what diabetes is? How do you get it? How much sugar is too much? Are low-fat foods good for you? Should I stop eating carbohydrates? All of these 'sweet' questions! Prepare your questions and have a chat to Deb about all things sugar.

Colour Your Day Bright! - a day workshop to create your own 2 colourful scarves to take home, using eco-friendly dye & materials. Every time you cast your eyes on these scarves you will be reminded of the fond memory of this holiday retreat. Will surely brightens up your day!


We will not put you in the modernized and commercialized villages such as Ubud. And you definitely will not end up in touristy areas packed with bustling markets such as Seminyak or Legian.

You will be staying very close to nature by the beautiful secluded Yeh Sumbul Beach and witness the traditional living of the locals from nearby Balinese villages, as they go about their life.

Bali Tiger Hideaway has been welcoming visitors from around the globe since 2017. Even at first glance, you will immediately see that Bali Tiger Hideaway is quite a unique and distinctive establishment.

Staying with us, you won't be looking at boring white concrete walls as you would be in most touristy accommodations. Instead, you will feel very close to nature and yet feel comfortable at the same time with the high standard of room facilities and equipment.

You will be greeted by the gently crashing waves of the ocean and the birds singing by the rice paddy field. Notice also the gentle sound of the cow-bells as they graze around all day.

Escape to this Hidden Paradise, take refuge and immerse in serenity. It's a place of a perfect ambience to spend a relaxing holiday and claim back your equanimity.


All Meals Included - we will make sure you're not feeling sluggish from overeating and drinking sugary & alcoholic beverages during this holiday retreat. We want you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated from the fresh produce and meals we provide for your daily consumption. 

All meals are provided, that's included breakfast, lunch and dinner plus healthy snacks of fruit and vegetables in between.

Let us know in advance of your dietary requirements and we will be happy to cater as best as we can.

Drinking Water - unlimited 

Recipes to Take Home - we’ll compile your favourite traditional Balinese recipes to take home, something simple, quick & easy to whip up yet delicious and nourishing - thus you can extend your holiday!

Celebration Dinner - at the last night of staying, we will have a big celebration dinner. And it's on us! That is because you've taken responsibility for your own happiness by allowing yourself some time off to recharge and rejuvenate. You've allowed yourself an opportunity to restore the state of your own equilibrium by participating in this retreat. So give yourself a big pat on the back: "WELL DONE YOU!"


Kadek - Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer

Kadek is a veteran Balinese Yoga Teacher who has been practising yoga for more than two decades. Specialising in teaching Energy Healing and Stress Release Yoga, we are so very lucky to have him leading the daily morning yoga and meditation sessions. 

Yoga has found him during his adolescent years, fresh from finishing college he then decided to study yoga full time at Ashram Gandhi Candidasa, Bali. He then spent the next 7 years immersed in daily study of asana, pranayama and meditation. He then travelled to India to continue his study of yoga.

On his return from India, he taught not only in Indonesia in Bali and Bintan Islands but also in Phuket and Malaysia.

Settling back to Bali, Kadek contributes a lot of his time and energy to support his local community.

In between teaching yoga, he spends his time volunteering teaching Balinese women and mothers in his village. He also involves in humanity and environment causes.

Despite his extensive yoga practice and teaching experience, Kadek believes in continuing education. He's regularly attending seminars and workshops to gain more knowledge he applies to his teaching techniques.

Kadek also provides private energy healing sessions. A great option you can arrange and do during your free time between the retreat programs. Speak to Kadek directly he will be happy to chat to you about it.

The Beautiful & Vibrant Marina 

We are super excited to welcome Marina in our retreat where she will take us exploring colours from the nature.

Marina and her husband Bambang, together have been exploring and experimenting with colours for many, many years. Their beautiful, hand-made creations have been enjoyed and sought after as far as Australia in the form of clothing material and items.

Marina consciously using environmentally friendly materials to align with her belief to respect nature and its resources.

Marina also dedicates a lot of her time to teach autistic children how to dye. Children with autism respond well to this activity which strengthening their ability to focus and concentrate.

Her program has officially embedded into the curriculum at the schools where she's involved.

Marina finds this to be very rewarding work. She hasn't stopped supporting organisations and family with autistic children.

Marina & Bambang, will help you create our own beautiful scarves we can take home. These scarves are a symbol of your commitment to taking responsibility for your own health, inner-peace and happiness. GO YOU!

Intan - Your Host & Yoga Teacher

Yoga found Intan merely few years back in 2013, but within this short period of time she found out that yoga really works (despite all her skepticism).

She 'gets it' how daily grind can chip away one's soul. As a family of four and 12 years in corporate background she understands the need of not only physical but most importantly maintaining mental wellness. 

She teaches yoga and mindfulness practice at workplace and organisations, gentle yoga at aged-care facilities and yoga for little yogis at childcare centres.

Her mission is to improve quality of life, one being at a time. She believes that yoga is for everyone. As Sri Desikachar said in his book Heart of Yoga book: "We begin where we are and how we are, and whatever happens, happens."

Intan is a Full Member of the International Yoga Teachers Association Australia and registered yoga teacher with Yoga Australia & Yoga Alliance (US). 

Retreat Investment $2,279 AUD

• Rooms are double occupancy >> INVEST HERE
• Limited single room left available - first in, best dressed with extra $200 AUD per person >> INVEST HERE and grab your single room option 

All payments are processed via PayPal using major credit cards.

Rest assured your financial info is kept secure and private, we cannot access or obtain any of your financial information whatsoever.

PayPal transactions incur 2.5% fee which is added to the price. Alternatively, email us if you choose to pay by direct debit and we will provide you with bank details. 

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Refunds & cancellations:

In the event that we are unable to proceed with the retreat prior to the start of the event, we will refund your money in full but no responsibility will be taken for any travel-related costs.

Should you wish to cancel your participation in the retreat we will refund your money less 10% of the total price to cover our administration fees, up to one month to the commencement of the retreat. There will be no refunds for cancellations in the last month prior to the commencement of the retreat.

Please send your questions to [email protected]


  • 8 days / 7 nights accommodation at a beachfront location, Bali Tiger Hideaway, your one-week sanctuary in Paradise
  • Daily morning & evening yoga classes plus meditation practices with 3 different yoga teachers: Kadek, Intan & Deb
  • Daily healthy meal, that's including breakfast, lunch, dinner plus healthy snacks in between + unlimited drinking water
  • Celebration Dinner to celebrate your achievement for taking responsibility for your health, state of inner-peace and happiness
  • Take home simple and healthy recipes of traditional Balinese dishes for your enjoyment at home
  • Take home simple yet effective meditation and mindfulness and breathing practices you can use to keep your cool
  • Experience a Ritual Purification with A Balinese High Priest and learn about Balinese Hinduism
  • Meditate in the lush & magical tropical forest by the waterfall, followed by a swim in the cool and fresh water that flows directly from the mountain top
  • Daily 1-hour full body Balinese massage designed to melt the stress away
  • 2 surfing lessons with the best surf coaches in the area at the internationally know surfing location Medewi Beach Point
  • Sugar Talk, by a Sydney-based yoga teacher and sugar expert. Yes, we all know sugar is bad but how bad?!
  • 1-day workshop to create your own colourful 2 scarves to take home with dyeing experts, Marina and Bambang, using eco-friendly dye & materials
  • Transport to and from the Denpasar International Airport and other destinations (outside designated area may incur an additional cost)


  • Airfares
  • Travel insurance

This Retreat is For You if:

✔ You want to unwind, rest and relax. Unplug from technologies such as your smartphone and other devices. Remove yourself from the constant stimulation of internet, online streamings and other similar stimulants to give your brain a chance to defragment, and giving your mental hard drive a reboot and start afresh.

✔ You want to have a holiday that is not stressful where every single thing is being taken care of, from your daily meals to transports.

✔ You want to reset your eating habits by consuming fresh and healthy meals for the whole week.

✔ You want to immerse in an authentic spiritual yogic journey - whether you're a devoted yoga practitioner, or if you've never done any form of yoga before in your life.

✔ You want to take home real yogic skills and mindfulness practices you can continue your own practice. This way it can help you maintain your calm in dealing with challenging life situations.

✔ You want to experience the authentic Balinese living and not just a 'staged show'.

✔ You also want to have a bit of fun by learning new and interesting skills!!

✔ You want to connect with other wonderful beings who are in a similar journey and maybe form new friendships for life.

✔ You want to immerse in the beauty of nature, right by the beach and surrounded by grass fields and rice paddies, while still have the comfort of a cosy bed and hot shower.

This Retreat is NOT for you if:

❌You want to be boxed in the four white walls of those modern-looking concrete villas.

❌You want to party and busy nightlife in the crowded and touristy areas.

❌You want to be at as many as Bali tourist destinations as possible during the duration of your stay so that you can take a thousand photos to find that ‘one perfect instagram pose’

Yeh Sumbul Beach, Pulukan, Pekutatan, Jembrana, Bali 82261 Indonesia

Call. WhatsApp. +62(0)82341008864 +61(0)416368957 +61(0)418215320 Email. [email protected]